The 8th edition of the CREDIT VILLAGE DAY focuses its attention on a prominent aspect related to the credit protection process: complaints.
The ongoing economic crisis makes the Italian economic situation more and more difficult. For some companies this situation represents a real drama. In the first five months of 2014 the number of companies operating in the tertiary
sector which close down continues to exceed the number of those which open: basically for every new opening there are two companies which close down.
According to Cerved data, in the second quarter of 2014 more than 4.000 companies filed for a bankruptcy procedure.
This number represents an increase of 14,3 %, if compared to the one of the same quarter of 2013 and this is all-time record from 2011, the year when this serial phenomenon has begun. 2013 has been also characterized by an average of 50 companies closed down every day, more than 2 per hour.
At the same time bank and individual delinquencies continue to increase. It is well known that behind an unpaid debt there are companies which suffer, close down, fire their employees. This situation bears strong consequences that often result in real human tragedies: the number of businessman and jobless’ suicides due to economic reasons increased by 25% compared to previous years. In this vicious circle it seems clear that players in this sector, both clients and services are obliged to operate on a raw nerve of Italy, in extremely difficult conditions. Some short circuit seems unavoidable…
But is this really the case?
Are complaints, the important and the serious ones, those complaints that authorities take account of, really unavoidable?
Or it is to be expected- and then it is unavoidable-that specific working conditions, specific compensation policies, specific performance obligations, generate problems with the debtors-consumers and consequently with authorities?
What have to be done to face this situation? Deal with it or react to it? Keep the fingers crossed and hope that nothing happens to one’s company or instead program some effective alternatives respectful of creditor’s and debtor’s reasons? The 8th edition of the CREDIT VILLAGE DAY will focus on all those themes.
At the center of morning agenda it will be a special focus on the Italian economic situation.
In the afternoon it will be held a round table with all market key players: professional associations, players, experts.