The “Metamorphosis” will be the common thread of the 11th Edition of the Credit Village Day, that will be held on November 22, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Milan.

I will be myself the testimonial of the metamorphosis: I will be the Chairman of this event as a Journalist, specialised in this industry and not as the Executive of an important international banking group

Metamorphosis, is a word evoking contrasting feelings: problematic feelings if we think about the Kafka’s poetry or positive feelings if we think about the metaphorical symbolism of the caterpillar and the butterfly.

Crisis, Change, Opportunity, Evolution…Metamorphosis. Every year significant developments occur in the credit management industry and the Credit Village Day represents the occasion to discuss and develop a better knowledge of all these changes.
The Credit Village Day, more than 1.000 attendees last year, will enable us to understand what will happen in the next future in the debt collection management industry: whether the caterpillar will become a butterfly or the man will become a cockroach.
All sizes Servicing Companies, Originators, Investors, Debt Buyers, Consumer Associations, Journalists will meet at the Credit Village Day to talk about their projects and their experiences.
There will be an interesting debate with a strong participation from the all the attendees (also via Twitter).

We will investigate the Metamorphosis, not only the one characterising the credit industry, but also the one affecting debt collection management companies, which, in recent years, experienced progressive changes in their perspectives, their needs and their strategies.
This metamorphosis has been strongly influecing by Npls and by the complicated business related to their dismissal from Originators wishing (and/ or needing) to lighten their balance sheets and starting considering the important reputational risk associated with a bad debt collection management.

We will interview key players of this industry in order to understand if the entrance in this sector of international investors will influence this industry, or if this change will be seen by the market as a new opportunity. In addition to this, we will try to understand if the changes undergoing will affect also servicing companies which have been working for decades on non performing exposures called Unlikely to Pay (UTP)

We will understand whether and how Servicing companies are preparing for the entering the Public Administration market, a new and important market, so far understimated, but which, in reality, could represents itself an interesting and profitable alternative to the NPL market.

We will also tackle the theme of the subcontract, that, nowadays, is becoming an element increasingly important in servicing agreements. We will involve also Consumer Associations regarding the themes of “reputation” and “good practices” and we will understand how important are these subjects also for Originators.

We will also listen to SMEs’s point of view, which, in different ways, play a strategic role in this industry, even if, very often, they do not emerge as a protagonist remaining behind the scenes.

This scenario has always been a part of my professional career, as the Executive of an important international banking group, but nowadays it seems to me more fascinating and exciting, in this new clothes of Journalist and Chairman of the event, where I will have the opportunity to raise awareness about the positions and the ideas of all the key players of this sector.
Leaving my institutional clothes, I will do my best to create an interesting debate over new topics that will characterise the next future of this industry, such as for example, the one related to the “debtor’s pre- emptive right” in the Npls’ dismissals, a right that could deeply revolutionize debt transfer dynamics and debt collection processes.

The Credit Villlage Day will be a day of intense networking, discussion and debate amongst all the different actors of this sector, which play different roles within an industry more and more articulate and in costant evolution.

Couldn’t miss it!

Oreste Vidoli

Journalist specialised in Credit Recovery Management

Gianni Amprino, C.E.O. CSS Covisian Group

Having gained significant experience in one of the Big Five audit and consulting and he served as Head of Operational Management and office credit management for one of the most important leasing company and he was one of the founders of CSS S.p.A. in 1993 too. The company, which today is one of the major players in outsourcing debt collection, at the end of 2016 became part of Covisian Group, the third Italian player in the Business Process Outsourcing market.
Amprino, as CEO, by the project development in the credit management sector through a comprehensive offering of services and solutions to respond to the growing complexity of the business, through the application of innovative technologies, process skills and strategies that enhance the talent of the people. From May 2012 to May 2015 he served as President UNIREC and from June 2014 to February 2017 as President of the FORUM UNIREC-CONSUMATORI.

Sergio Bertani, Head of High Risks Loans Department Gruppo BPER Banca

Currently Head of BPER’s High Risks Loans Department, Sergio Bertani worked for almost 30 years at the UniCredit Group, holding various managerial roles in sales and credit management, and ending his experience in 2011 as Head of Family & SME Credit Department.
From 2006 to 2010, as Head of Credit for the UniCredit Group’s Retail Network, he oversaw the establishment and strengthening of the direct and outsourced credit recovery activities in the private individual/small business sector, bringing the Customer Recovery function from several dozen people to a team of around 500 staff. Before joining the BPER Group, he was General Credit Manager for Banca Etruria prior to its receivership.
In his current role, he is responsible for the management and recovery of medium-high risk loans, past-due loans and unlikely-to-pay exposures for the BPER Group.

Sergio Bommarito, Chairman of the Board FIRE 

Master’s degree in Banking & Insurance Sciences at the University of Messina, MBA at the Istituto Superiore per Imprenditori e Dirigenti d’Azienda (I.S.I.D.A.) of Palermo (Business School for Entrepreneurs and Executives).

After 10 years in consumer finance, in 1992 he founded Fire, of which he is currently Chairman of the Board. He was founder, arbitrator and subsequently advisor of A.I.I.RE.C. (Associazione Italiana Imprese Recupero Crediti) and since the establishment of UNIREC (Unione Nazionale delle Imprese a Tutela del Credito) he has actively participated to its activity as Chairman of the Arbitrators and Executive Board Chairman. He was member of the Executive Committee of Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici, until 2009. Former member of the working team set up by CEPAS (human resources certification body – certified by ACCREDIA – EN 45013) for the creation and the achievement of the certification of credit collection professionals. He achieved the certification of Credit Collection General Manager from the same body.

Francesco Carbone, Credit Management Department Director Edison

Francesco Carbone is the Credit Management Department Director of Edison and Board Member at AMG Gas. Previously he has been the Director of Commercial Operations.

Bruno Casalinuovo, Head of Debt Collection Unit at ProFamily

Bruno Casalinuovo, is Head of Debt Collection Unit at ProFamily S.p.A, Banco BPM Group, where he’s responsible of the entire debt recovery cycle, either judicial or extra judicial.
He began his professional career in a bank, and then, in the 90’s he started working for a newborn financial company specialized in consumer credit , which has been later acquired by an important multinational banking group, where he has been in key positions in all the different bad loans management areas.
The roles Bruno played, enabled him to develop a significant experience in the management of consumer, bank and financial loans, in the management of judicial and extrajudicial debt collection procedures and in the sale and purchase of NPL’ portfolios.

Dino Crivellari, Lawyer at Studio Crivellari & Partners Law Firm

Business lawyer and barrister located in Rome. He worked for over 40 years in leading Italian banking groups, always in senior management positions in the credit area.
Over the last 15 years, in particular, Dino covered senior managerial positions in the UniCredit Group: a) as an executive member of Unicredit’s management (“Condirettore Centrale”), b) as the Global Head of the work-out, c) as the Credit Commissioner for Italy and d) as the CEO of UniCredit Credit Management Bank (today doBank), the largest Italian NPLs servicer with the highest rating by Fitch’s Rating and Standard & Poors. He teaches corporate crises and restructuring and bankruptcy law in several Italian universities.
He has published many articles and he is very often invited as a speaker to conferences. He is the founder of Master Legal Service, the widest network of Italian lawyer lawyers in bank litigation, present in all courts in the country, and the founder of MLS Business Partners, an advisory firm providing operational and strategic advice with respect to the banking sector.

Lidia Cuomo, Founding Member Euroservice

Graduated in Business Economy from University Federico II of Naples, founding partner of Euroservice,
sha has always been busy in charge of managing and recovering bank credit as manager since 1990. She has been following the birth and development of this sector,  experiencing the many changes occured in the industry and dedicating
herself to full of the company, its growth and evolution. Sha has always had excellent communication skills
with the staff she have trained and who personally follow all of her work in both side and out side.

Massimo Famularo, Blogger, Columnist specialist in credit management

Massimo Famularo is currently partner and head of the Italian NPLs operations at Distressed Technologies and board member at Frontis NPL.
With over 16 years of industry experience Max has previously worked at Algebris Investments (Director), Cariparma Credit Agricole (Head of NPL Group Department), Jupiter Finance (Portfolio Manager) Oliver Wyman (Senior Consultant) and Archon Group Italia/Goldman Sachs (portfolio analyst).
Since 2009 he is member of GLG Council. Massimo holds a BA in Economics with honors from Luiss University in Rome, has been winning solver of Innocentive Challenge: “Systems to Monitor Institutional Corruption” and has a Blog on FattoQuotidiano.it.

Gabriella Macauda, Chief Operating Manager Fides

Gabriella Macauda is the Chief Operating Manager of Fides SPA, which is a leading Italian credit protection company, and she works alongside the Single Administrator in the management of the Company.

She has a long experience in the banking sector where she has held several managing roles in the business, organizational, credit and human resources fields. She has also managed innovative projects regarding people development and performance management.
She was Director at Unicredit, where she previous had held the role of Area Manager of several Business Areas with full responsibility for retail and corporal business.

Ovidio Marzaioli, Vice President of Forum UNIREC-CONSUMERS

Ovidio Marzaioli is the Deputy Secretary General of the Consumers Movement, the Secretary General of the Consumers’ Forum and a CNCU Alternate Member.
A civil lawyer from 1991, he has been actively involved in consumer affairs from 2001 and has gained a strong experience in the Environment and Energy field being a MC Manager from 2007.
In this regard, he is the CNCU representative of TERNA Users Consultation Committee, a member of the Working Group ‘AEEGSI with a ministerial nomination from 2009 and a master for relationships with energy companies adhering to extra judicial settlement (Enel, Eni, Edison, Sorgenia, Acea, Eon, Iren).
Professor for the Master Studies in Consumer Affairs Ethics and Social Responsibility at the University of Siena in 2012 and for the Master Studies in Markets’ Globalization and Consumers’ Protection at the University of Roma Tre, over these years he gained a strong experience in professional specialist trainings regarding the following issues: “Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution”, “Credit Management and Corporate Compliance”, “Banking and Financial Sector”.
From 2014 he has been a Council member of the European R&Dialogue project carried out by the University of Rome La Sapienza, which has involved 17 partners from 10 different European countries in order to foster dialogue amongst organizations over the issue of low carbon technologies and CO2 emissions reduction.
He is the Cofounder and the Vice President of the UNIREC-CONSUMER Forum, created to promote dialogue between debt collection companies and consumers.

Andrea Mignanelli,   Founder and C.E.O. Cerved Credit Management

Andrea Mignanelli is the C.E.O. of Cerved Credit Management, the leading Italian player in non performing loans and assets management (over € 14 Billion under management).
A former partner of McKinsey & Company, Andrea has developed an international experience on the Credit and NPL sector advising banks and specialized operators in Italy and other European countries.
Prior to that, Andrea has worked for General Electric as a financial analyst, mainly in the US and UK.
Andrea holds a degree in Corporate Finance at Bocconi University – Milan and a Master in Business Administration at INSEAD – Paris.

Marco Pasini, President of UNIREC

After carrying out significant managerial experiences in different industrial sectors, Marco Pasini is Founder and C.E.O. of an important company operating in the debt & credit collection field. From the very beginning he took part in the association movement that in 1998 led to the birth of UNIREC. From 2012 to 2015 Marco Pasini has been a Member of the UNIREC Board, with responsability for the development of the market in the public administration sector. From May 2015 he has been President of UNIREC.

Fabio Picciolini, Financial Specialist

Valerio Ranciaro, Director General Sace SRV

Valerio Ranciaro has more than 20 years of experience in distressed asset managing and in the debt recovery/reorganization field. He was directly involved in numerous large corporate restructurings in South America, Africa, the CIS Area and the Far East. Prior to joining SACE, where he spent 8 years heading the Claims and Recoveries department before assuming his actual position of Director General in SACE SRV, he lead the debt recovery team in Euler Hermes Italy. He participates as speaker in several conferences and lectures in Master level courses.

Emanuele Reale, C.O.O. & Head of Sales and Investments Hoist Italia

Emanuele Reale is the Co CEO, COO & Head of Sales and Investments at the Italian branch of Hoist Finance.
After a degree in “Business Administration” in London in 1989, Emanuele worked first for England Citibank (‘89 -’91), and then for the San Paolo Torino Bank ( ’91 – ’94).
A year after he came back in Italy, Emanuele operated as CEO for TRC Spa (NPL), meanwhile still maintaining his different Board of Directors assignments such as for Countdown (Loyalty Program) and 3 Erre (Plastic Cards Producer).
Since 2014, when TRC was acquired by Hoist Finance, Emanuele joins the Hoist Group in his current role.

Stefano Schiavi, Deputy General Manager BNP Paribas Laesing Solutions

After graduating in Economics at the Bocconi University, Stefano Schiavi started his professional career in Euroamerica, a company operating in syndicated loans management. Later he worked as a Senior Credit Analyst for Selma Bipiemme Leasing. Later, for about 5 years, he has been Operations and Credit Manager for De Lage Landen Leasing, the leasing division of the Group Rabobank. Over the period 2000-2005 he worked as a Executive at GE Capital Leasing.
After an experience of 3 years as Legal and Collection Director at Banca Italease and after being, from 2008, General Manager at ABN Amro Commercial Finance, Stefano Schiavi, in 2011, arrived at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, where, at present time is Deputy General Manager and Chief Operating Officer , managing the entire business process such as: Pay Out, Customer Care, Operations (including shipping), Insurance, Special Laws (i.e. Sabatini, Mediocredito Centrale, etc), Debt Collection, Intensive Care, Litigation & Recovery, RE Remarketing. As General Manager RD Mr Schiavi also manages all the activities related to the Run Down portfolio with a business strategy to accelerate the run off.

Alessandro Scorsone, Director of Strategic Transactions and Client Relations KRUK

After graduating in Economics at the University of Siena, Alessandro Scorsone spent all his career in the financial service industry and IT companies, with significant experience in international organizations.
Prior to joining the Kruk Group as Director of Strategic Transactions and Client Relations, position in which he’s responsible for the NPL and servicing business development of our company in the Italian market, he worked as Major Account Manager at Ribes S.p.A. and collaborated for many years with Thomson Reuters where  he covered various European positions (Italian, Spanish and Swiss markets) focused on Business Development in different branches – Asset Management, Wealth Management, and Enterprise Solutions.

Oreste Vidoli, Chairman

Degree in Italian Literature (with a thesis in Communication Disciplines – University of Bologna; Italy) Oreste Vidoli started Credit Collection management in early 90’s in Leasing sector (Credit Leasing Spa). In early 2000, he gave a fundamental contribution to create the first structured IT system for the Delinquency Management (Credit Collection) in the UniCredit Group
He was in the Team “Tools and Systems” of the UCCMB (now Do Bank) start up, managed by McKinsey on behalf of UniCredit. In 2005, he is a consultant, on behalf of UniCredit, for Delinquency Management (Credit Collection process and technological innovation) at Bank Pekao – UniCredit Group (Poland).
Since 2007 to December 2016 he was Director of Customer Recovery Department at the CRO Italy of UniCredit, which, with about 650 People, where he was responsible for Credit Monitoring & Credit Collection, of Private Individuals in Italy. He was Responsible of the Budget and Management of Credit Collection Companies in relationship with Customer Recovery UniCredit. Since 2007 he was also responsible of the classification to NPL for Private Individuals. Since 2013 to December 2016 he was also responsible for Credit Monitoring & Credit Collection of Small Business Individuals Enterprises within CRO Italy of UniCredit Spa.
Since 2014 he was responsible to manage a “non secured” NPL Portfolio in partnership with UCCMB (Do Bank). In 2016 he signed an agreement for Unicredit Executives, about an early paid exodus expected no later than 2018. In April 2016 he was awarded with the Credit Management & Credit Collection Award.
He has been speaker at several Conferences and lectured as professor at the “Università Cattolica di Milano; Bocconi University of Milan and Università degli Studi di Messina (Italy) Since 1990 he has been admitted to the order of Journalist.

Alberto Vigorelli, Chief Risk Officer UniCredit Leasing

Mr. Vigorelli holds a degree in Business Administration from LIUC University. In 2008 he joined UniCredit Group in the Risk Management function and shortly after he became Senior Vice President and Head of the Group Credit Risk office, with a various range of responsibilities which included credit strategies, policies, credit risks processes and models. He contributes in creating and managing the  Group’s Distressed Assets Management aiming to reduce the so called Non-Core portfolio through asset/credit disposal activities. At present he is the Chief Risk Officer of UniCredit Leasing. Previously he worked as a Senior Manager in Oliver Wyman, dealing with international top players in financial industry.

Francesco Vovk, Member of the Board Italian Credit 

Graduated in Economics at Bocconi University, after a period in the risk managment sector of Banca Mediosim,he joined Italian Credit  in 2003.Italian Credit is a company focused on the third party collection , with an excellent track record in field and phone collection and specialysed in Debt Collection of Unsecured assets as Bank’s Servicer Third party.

He held roles focused on restructuring the info providing sector (2003-2008) and the phone collection activity (2008-2011).In 2012 He became member of the Board of Italian Credit  and he hold the supervision of operations with a focus in the field and phone collection activities.